• Each person on your team will require a NationBuilder login with Control Panel access (and the right permission set)
  • You will need to add each team member to your FieldEdge Team via the FieldEdge website (does not apply to custom Enterprise accounts)
  • The email address you add them with will need to match the one they use to login to your nation with
  • We'll send your team member a welcome email with a link to download the app
  • Adding a person here will only give them access to the FieldEdge mobile app (with the same permissions they have in NationBuilder)

In this article you will learn how to:

  • Add and invite team members to your FieldEdge Team
  • Remove team members

Adding and Inviting Your Team

It's time to add your team to FieldEdge.

Step 1 

Go to and login with your FieldEdge account.

Step 2

Click the Add User in the top right hand corner

Step 3

Fill in the First Name, Last Name and Email fields and click Add.

Be sure to use one of the email addresses they use to login to your Nation with.

Step 4

Rinse and repeat for each person on your team for whom you'd like to use FieldEdge. If you're going to be using the app yourself, don't forget to add your email too.

And with that, you're team is ready to download FieldEdge and start organizing!

Removing Users from Your Team

To remove a user from your team, click the arrow next to the person's name and select Delete User.

The person will be removed from the team immediately and you will regain one of your licenses.

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