In order for the FieldEdge App to link up with your nation, there is a one time installation of the FileEdge "Helper Apps" for iPhone and Android.

Note: This step will require that you have the Admin permission for your login.

Step 1

Login in to your nation

Step 2

Click on the Settings menu in the top right hand corner

Step 3

Now click on Apps tab in submenu

Note: If the Apps tab doesn't appear, you may not have the Admin permission set that is required for this part of the setup.

Step 4

Now click Install new app

Step 5 (The Final Step!)

 Find FieldEdge for iOS and FieldEdge for Android and click the Install button

Your done! You will now be able to connect FieldEdge to your nation.

Important note: Due to a bug with NationBuilder, the FieldEdge Helper apps will not show under the Installed apps tab.

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