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Can I track yard sign requests in FieldEdge?
Can I track yard sign requests in FieldEdge?

Track voters who have asked for a lawn sign and who already has one

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Keeping track of who has requested a yard sign, who you need to deliver one to and who already has one can be tricky, especially during a busy campaign. 

Fear not, FieldEdge can help!

Track Yard Signs Using Tags

While FieldEdge doesn't have a dedicated interface for managing yard sign requests (and neither does NationBuilder), you can use a series of tags on a person's profile to manage the process. This works across both FieldEdge and NationBuilder.

Here's what it look like in practice:

  1. Voter requests a sign: bring up the FieldEdge app, find the voter and add the tag "Lawn sign requested" to voter's profile

  2. You are ready to deliver your signs: open FieldEdge and either:

a. Tap the "Tags" tab and find the "Lawn sign requested" tag, tap on it to display all people with that tag. As you deliver the signs, you can change the tag on their profile to "Lawn sign delivered"

b. Create a new Canvass walk based on the list and complete the walk without worrying about changing tags. After you finish the walk you can go into NationBuilder and batch update the list to remove the requested tag and replace it with the delivered tag.

Suggested Tags

So, the tags you may want to use are:

  • Lawn sign requested

  • Lawn sign delivered

If you use a nested tagging taxonomy, you might use tags like so:

  • Lawn sign - requested

  • Lawn sign - delivered

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