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Adding people and households on the fly
Adding people and households on the fly

Found a person or household not on your list and want to add them?

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Ever been on a canvass and found someone that wasn't on your list? No problem, you can add them on the fly. Here's how...

Adding a New Person to a Existing Household

If you find yourself speaking to a new person that resides at an address already on your list, you can easily add that new person to your nation with a few taps.

When you've got the household open, simply press the + button. You can then enter the person's details and the address will be pre filled. Tap save and you can now canvass them as normal.

Here's the whole flow:

Adding a New Person to a Existing Household

If you want to canvass someone that resides from a household that is not on your list already, you'll need to add them to your nation. Once you do this, you can log contact, change support status, take a survey and any of the other FieldEdge action but  you won't be able to add them to your canvass list. If this is important to you, please let us know.

If you are in the middle of a canvass, unfortunately, you will need to switch the People section of the app to add the new person.

Once you're on the People list, simply tap the + button, add the person's details and address. Once you hit save, you will be take to their profile.

What others are saying about this feature...

"I signed up, I tried you app…you’ve made my year.

For over two years I have been trying to find a mobile canvassing app that will serve our needs. One that simply allows me to put in info that matches Nationbuilder at the door. Name tagging, etc. I wish I had discovered you guys sooner. I tried e-canvasser (nice people, but we had constant problems), Polis (nice, but expensive and couldn’t add people at the door).

So straight forward to use, just did test…and it synced instantly.

I am involved in many many campaigns, I will do everything I can to promote your app to other people."

– Dan Muys, Campaign Manager, Hamilton, Ontario

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