Every profile in your database has a support status. Support status is either: supporter, non-supporter, or prospect. A prospect is someone you want to become a supporter.

The support status is determined in one of two ways:

  1.  By manually setting the "support level" (a clear indication of support strength) or;

  2.  Via NationBuilder's automatic determination based on the activity of that person (including via FieldEdge).

You can learn more about the support status feature here: http://nationbuilder.com/how_support_status_is_determine


we do not consider the support status a true indicator of a person's support for the campaign or organisation.

We recommend using the support level indicator where you can explicitly set a person's support to:

  • 1 - Strong support

  • 2 - Weak support

  • 3 - Undecided

  • 4 - Weak oppose

  • 5 - Strong oppose

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