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Version 2.0 • Released Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Version 2.0 • Released Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Find out what's new in this major update!

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Introducing, FieldEdge 2.0.

2.0 brings with it a whole new design with the aim of making field activity intuitive, fast and enjoyable. The app is clean, modern and beautiful.

Our biggest upgrade to date and a foundational move that will allow us to expand on our ever growing field organizing tools.

It is now easier than ever for canvassers to get started. And with our new canvassing flow, canvassers will provide the campaign with the right data.

As another step towards making NationBuilder fully mobile, we've added even more fields and data to people profiles. Running your organization from the field is a reality that we continue to push forward with every release of FieldEdge.

Canvassing Features

  • All new design and workflow to make canvassing even more intuitive (and easy on the eye)

  • Now to start a walk, you simply select your list and go

  • New advanced options when creating a walk that allows you to set defaults before your walk (survey default Android only)

  • Walks are now more structured to provide canvassers with a simpler flow to collect the data you need

  • Set your next destination manually (tap the pin and tap "set next destination" down the bottom) (iOS only)

  • You can search for a house while canvassing by switching to List view and using the search bar at the top of the list. eg. type "high" to find all the houses on "Highland Street"

  • When in List view you can also now sort the houses by distance or alphabetical

  • People can now be skipped, providing an alternative to completing someone. This gives admins/campaign managers the ability to segment people that weren't canvassed

  • You can exit a house without completing or skipping anyone by tapping the back button.

People Features

  • A whole new stunning design throughout!

  • The app now supports viewing Organizations. Tap the filter in tap bar to switch between People and Organizations. Profiles also adapt to Organizational information (eg. no religion or other personal details).

  • You can now sort Tags and Lists alphabetically

  • Totally revamped people profile view to make it easier to find the info you want

  • To access the Background and Bio of a person, swipe left on the profile picture area

  • The 3 information tabs have been rearranged and the fields are now organized into Personal (or General if Organization) | Support | Activity

  • You can now view logged contact to or by the person so you'll always know the latest communication with them

  • You can now view a person's memberships (under the Support tab)

  • You can now view Custom Fields (under the Personal tab)

  • You can now view and add 4 email addresses (and set the primary one)

  • Addresses can now be tapped on to open in Apple / Google Maps

  • You can view the Point Person and Recruited By person (under the Support tab) (tap their name to view their profile)

  • You can now View Political Capital (under the Support tab)

  • You can now Donations/Raised amount for this cycle (under the Support tab)

  • You can now view Primary, Registered, Mailing, Home and Work Addresses (under the Personal/General tab)

  • Contact Type is no longer required when logging contact

  • You can now add someone to a list (under the Action menu)

  • You can set default mail client (like Gmail) when clicking on email addresses (in Settings, iOS only)

Transitioning from Version 1

Transitioning from FieldEdge v1 and want a kickstart? Our v2 transition article is a must-read.

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