FieldEdge 2.0 is the next generation of our app and brings with it a whole new design with the aim of making field activity intuitive, fast, enjoyable and ultimately, more effective.

While we think FieldEdge 2.0 is much easier to use, we understand that managing change can be difficult when dealing with a team of users, especially if they are working remotely or as casual volunteers.

To assist with the transition, we have created the following article to help explain the differences between v1 and v2 of the FieldEdge mobile app.


Starting a Walk

To begin a walk, you can now simply select a list. No need to enter a name or select a contact type.

  • Walk names are now generated automatically based on the date and the name of the walk list. You can change the name manually under the [Optional Settings].
  • No need to set a Default Contact Type 🎉  as this is no longer a required field in NationBuilder.
  • You can set default Contact Status, Type (if you are using the [Contact Type to Path Mapping] option), Contact Method and Survey (Android only) under [Optional Settings] so that these are pre-set while logging contact during the canvass.

The Canvass Profile Screen

Viewing a person you are canvassing/have canvassed now presents a structured workflow designed to assist canvassers to enter key information about the interaction.

  • The new workflow has three main (NationBuilder native) components: Logging Contact, Surveys and Support Level
  • When a canvasser taps "Complete" the app will log contact and include any fields that the user has edited, including the support level.
  • Surveys are submitted at the time of completing the survey (this is seperate from "completing" a person)
  • Users now have the option to "Skip" a person. The main purpose of this is when there is more than one person at the address, you can mark one of them as skipped. Marking someone as skipped will tag the person as skipped in your nation
  • The action button (for adding tags, donations, etc)  is now located in the top right hand corner
  • To view the person's full profile, tap the profile picture area. This is where you can edit the profile if you want to add an email address, change a phone number, etc.


  • When using the List view, you can now search for a household, eg. type "h-i-g-h", in the search box at the top of the list, to find all the houses on "Highland Street"
  • The app is now better at recognising and handling apartments and units


  • The app now supports viewing Organizations. Tap the filter in top bar to switch between People and Organizations
  • To access the Background and Bio of a person, swipe left on the profile picture area
  • The 3 information tabs have been rearranged and the fields are now organised into Person/General | Support | Activity
  • You can now view Logged Contact under the Activity Feed on a person's profile
  • You can now view Custom Fields under the Personal tab
  • You can view a person's Memberships under the Support tab

Further detail about these features can be found in our new and expanded Help Docs. For a full list of changes in FieldEdge 2.0, view our change log

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