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Re-canvass a list of people
Re-canvass a list of people

Want to recanvass but everyone is marked completed? Here's what to do

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  • FieldEdge adds a 'special' tag to each person that is canvassed from the app

  • This tag helps the app keep track of who has and hasn't been completed or skipped

  • To re-canvass a list, you will need to remove the 'special' tag from each person

  • Use the tool on the FieldEdge Dashboard to remove this 'special' tag from everyone on a particular list

  • Start a new walk and you will now be able to re-canvass those people

To re-canvass a list, you'll need to run it through our tool.

  1. In the main menu, select More > Reset a list

  2. Tap the "Select List" button to open the tool

  3. Select the list you want to canvass from the dropdown

  4. Tap "Remove Tags" and wait a few moments for it to complete

  5. If successful, you can now start a new walk using the same list

Can't find the tool? Tool not working?  Reach out to us, we're always happy to help!

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