• FieldEdge adds a 'special' tag to each person that is canvassed from the app
  • This tag helps the app keep track of who has and hasn't been completed or skipped
  • To re-canvass a list, you will need to remove the 'special' tag from each person
  • Use the tool on the FieldEdge Dashboard to remove this 'special' tag from everyone on a particular list
  • Start a new walk and you will now be able to re-canvass those people

To re-canvass a list, you'll need to run it through our tool.

  1. Login to the FieldEdge Dashboard
  2. Tap the "Select List" button to open the tool
  3. Select the list you want to canvass from the dropdown
  4. Tap "Remove Tags" and wait a few moments for it to complete
  5. If successful, you can now start a new walk using the same list

Can't find the tool? Tool not working?  Reach out to us, we're always happy to help!

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