To canvass a pre-defined list of people using FieldEdge, you will need to create a walkable list in NationBuilder and share it will your canvassers.

In this article you will learn how to:

  • Create effective lists for use with FieldEdge

  • How to use the Map View and Turf Cutter tools in NationBuilder

  • How to sync your lists to the FieldEdge mobile app

Our recommendations for effective lists

  1. Use the Map View and Turf Cut tool in NB to create your walk lists

  2. For optimal performance, keep your lists under 300 people

  3. Create lists for small areas of each neighbour so they can be assigned to a single canvasser at anyone time. If the canvasser stops before they are done with the list, simply reassign it to a new canvasser.

  4. Assign each list to a person so only they can see that list, this keeps it simple for your canvassers. Alternatively, you can assign the list to a whole Permission Set (eg. "Canvass Volunteers") and simply tell them which list they should be canvassing (eg. "Jane, please canvass the list "Broadway swing voters #1".

Using the Map View and Turf Cutter

Turf cutting is the process of defining customized boundaries on a map. Once you cut turf, you can select the people within the turf and save them to a list that can be used in FieldEdge. This process makes canvassing more manageable.

Note: to ensure optimal performance, we recommend keeping your list under 300 people

Go to the Map View

Login to your nation and click on the People tab/menu at the top.

Now look for toolbar area scan along until you see a pin icon – clicking this will take you to the Map View.

Cutting Turf

When you click the Turf Cut button, it will turn blue to indicate you are in turf cutting mode. If you are in cluster view, you can change the boundaries of the clusters. Click the Clear turfs button at the bottom of the map and the clusters will disappear. You can define your own turfs, but when you begin, you won't see points on the map. 

The easiest way to turf cut is to zoom in until you see points. Then, click the Turf Cut button. When you hover over the map, your cursor will look like a cross.

  1. Click your mouse once to create the beginning point of the turf, which will display as a white box.

  2. Drag your cursor and continue clicking to create the boundaries of your turf - it can be any shape that makes sense for your needs.

  3. The points of people included in the turf will be highlighted in white.

  4. Double click to connect your last boundary to your starting point.

  5. Repeat steps 2-5 until your entire map is turf cut.

  6. If you begin cutting a turf and decide the shape is incorrect, press the escape key to cancel that turf.

  7. Turn the turf cut tool off by clicking the Turf Cut button - it will turn grey.

  8. Save your turfs as lists. To do so, click within the turf area and a pop-up will appear:

Here you can name the list, provide a slug, and share with other control panel users. Make sure to click Save list .

You can find more information on turf cutting on the NationBuilder website.

Syncing your lists to the FieldEdge mobile app

Once you create your lists in NationBuilder and assign them to a person or permission set, they will automatically sync to FieldEdge and become available a list to canvass.

Having trouble with lists? Please reach out to our friendly team, we're always here to help!


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