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After you have created your walk list(s) in NationBuilder (and you didn't already assign it at the time), you'll want to assign your list to any "non-admin" canvassers. This will enable them to access the list via the mobile app.

Start by navigating to the 'Settings' tab of the list you want to assign. (When viewing all lists, you can access the Settings tab by clicking the pencil "edit" icon next to the list's name.)

Next, look at the top of the list and click on 'Settings.'

To share with an individual (recommended):
In the field labeled 'Share with another person,' enter the person's name you want to share/assign the list to.

Be sure to click the Save button!

To share with an group of people:

In the field labeled 'Share with every,' select the permission set you wish to share/assign the list to. This will make the list available to anyone with that permission set.

Be sure to click the Save button!


Recommendation for Assigning Lists
We recommend assigning each list to a person so only they can see that list, this keeps it simple for your canvassers. Alternatively, you can assign the list to a whole Permission Set (eg. "Canvass Volunteers") and simply tell them which list they should be canvassing (eg. "Jane, please canvass the list "Broadway swing voters #1".

Important information about using the "Assigned" Permission:

To make people visible in FieldEdge, you’ll need to ensure that the user is set as the point person for each person on their list. The easiest way to do this is to batch update the list like so:

a. Open the list in NationBuilder and click on the Batch Update tab

b. Select the canvasser under Point person

c. Click "Batch update" down the bottom

Note: While a list can be shared with a whole permission set (a group of people), each person on a list can only be assigned a single point person. This means that if using the "Assigned" feature, you will need to create a different list for each user. That list can however contain the same people.


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