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Version 2.4 • Released August 2019
Version 2.4 • Released August 2019

Proximity Walk, Canvass Household, Event RSVPs + more

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Time. It's a precious resource for every campaign. And we want our customer's spending their time planning successful campaigns and talking to more people – not managing lists or on cumbersome data entry!

In our latest release, we introduce two major new features: one that saves campaign managers hours from having to setup walk lists and the other to save time entering data in the field.

Proximity Walk

With the new proximity walk feature, canvassers can create lists on-the-fly based on their current location. Results can be filtered by distance, assigned tags, support level, party and if the voter is assigned to the canvasser. Long live turf cutting!

Canvass Household

You wanted it, we delivered. Save time by canvassing multiple people in a household at once. Simply select the "canvass household" (instead of an individual) and you'll be presented with the normal canvass screen.

We'll even exclude anyone you've already completed. This comes in handy when you speak to one person in the household but want to mark everyone else as not home or skipped.


  • RSVP to event action: you can now RSVP anyone in your nation to an Event! Find it under the Actions menu on a person profile.

  • Search filter for finding people on a list: open a list and start typing to find a specific person – perfect for poll striking.

  • Add/remove from list: you can now add people to any list on your nation. Also, if you are viewing someone from a list, you now can remove them from that list.

  • Add new household while canvassing: In additional to adding new people to an existing household, you can now add an entirely new household while canvassing.


  • Set default survey (iOS): you can set what survey you see by default during that canvass

  • Now shows distances in KMs or Miles based on your location

  • You can now add a person to an existing household while canvassing (Android)


  • Fixed clear buttons on message and email dialogs (iOS)

  • Complete household action works as it should (Android)

  • Multiple login issues addressed

We look forward to you experiencing this new version and as always, please reach out with any feedback whatsoever.

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