Collecting, managing and using data smartly is key to running a successful campaign. 

As you and your team use FieldEdge, iNationBuilder will be collecting data about the people you interact with. This data can be extremely useful for analysing your performance and future communication.

Watch this video to learn how to segment your FieldEdge data:

Some examples of segments you may want to create:

  • People who were contacted between two dates

  • People who were canvassed by a particular user

  • People whose status was "No answer"

  • Or even all three of the above

Some examples of things you might do with this data:

  • Create a new list to canvass in the future

  • Create a list to send an email blast or thank you note

  • Analyse the performance of a particular canvasser

Important notes:

  • FieldEdge uses the Log Contact feature built into NationBuilder to record canvass interactions

  • Segmenting data is primarily based on the logged contact (contact history)

  • Run a filter to create your segment of people (eg. use the filters "Contacted on" and Contacted by")

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