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Disconnect FieldEdge from your nation
Disconnect FieldEdge from your nation

Remove all connections between FieldEdge and NationBuilder when your campaign is finished

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If your campaign is over and you are no longer using FieldEdge, you have the option to remove all connections between FieldEdge and NationBuilder.

Note #1: This is a completely optional step. FieldEdge is designed in a way that your data only ever lives on the device (mobile phone/tablet) and NationBuilder. We do not access or store your data via our servers.

Note #2: Many of our customers use FieldEdge for day-to-day field operations like events, managing meeting, key relationships, etc. If this is of interest to you, please reach out to discuss deep discounting outside of your campaign period.

Step 1

Login to your nation and go to Settings > Apps > Installed Apps

Step 2

Look for any instance of "FieldEdge" – you may see "FieldEdge", "FieldEdge for iOS" and "FieldEdge for Android"

Step 3

Click "Uninstall" on each instance of a FieldEdge app

And that's it, you're done!

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