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What NationBuilder plan do you need to use FieldEdge?
What NationBuilder plan do you need to use FieldEdge?

Discover what FieldEdge features are available on your NationBuilder plan

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FieldEdge's Canvass Map functionality is only available if your nation includes the geocoding feature.

NationBuilder occasionally changes its pricing and the inclusions of features in each of its plans. One such inclusion is the "geocoding" feature. If you signed up prior to 2019, you will likely have geocoding included in your plan and enabled within your nation. If you signed up in 2020 and beyond, you may or may not have the geocoding feature enabled on your nation.

Check your nation for geocoding

To check if geocoding is available and working, navigate to Settings > Database > Geocoding status. If this tab exists, you have geocoding but if not, your plan does not geocoding and FieldEdge's canvassing feature will not work.

Can I upgrade?

Yes, you can upgrade your NationBuilder plan to include geocoding and enable FieldEdge's Canvass Map feature. Please contact NationBuilder to discuss your options.

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