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Customized App Experience [Beta]
Customized App Experience [Beta]

Hide fields, sections and set defaults for different elements of the app

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Every field campaign is different. Different goals, different team members and different workflows. Optimizing your field tools to match your campaign can be a huge boost in productivity, enabling higher-quality conversations at scale.

To this end, we are releasing a new feature that allows a campaign to customize the app experience for all FieldEdge users of their nation.

This feature is currently in beta. If you would like to discuss early access, please send us a message.

So, how can FieldEdge be customized?

Hidden Sections

Do you have certain sensitive information you wish to keep private or just want to simplify the information available to your users? Some sections of the app can now be hidden:

  • People Profiles: disable the whole People menu as well as the link to full profiles from the Canvass Profile screen

  • Donations: hide the donations section from a contact's profile

  • Addresses: hide the Addresses section from a contact's profile (if not using canvassing)

Hidden Actions

Want to prevent users from taking certain actions in the app? It is now possible to hide particular actions within the app:

  • Edit Contact: disable editing of contact profiles

  • Donate: disable the Donate action

Hidden Contact Statuses

To optimize the app for fast and simple use in the field, it is possible to hide one or more Contact Statuses from the available Status options in the app. Note: these contact statuses are set by NationBuilder and cannot be renamed.


In order to reduce time spent logging information into the app, it is now possible to set defaults the Log Contact and survey features. These are the two main mechanisms for recording outcomes while canvassing.

Contact Status

For example, if you are canvassing an area where a lot of people are not home, you can set the default contact status to "No Answer". The user will have the ability to change the answer upon canvassing the person/household.

All statuses (included by default):

  • Answered

  • Bad info

  • Left message

  • Meaningful interaction

  • Not interested

  • No answer

  • Refused

  • Send information

  • Other


Set the survey that's opened when the user selects "Take Survey" during a canvass. Note the user still has the option to go back and select a different survey. To set a default survey on your behalf, send us the ID of the Survey Page connected to your Survey. You can find that in the URL of the Survey Page in the backend of NationBuilder:

What Next?

Have other elements of the app you'd like to customize? We're all ears – shoot us a message and we'll see what we can do.

Interested in customizing FieldEdge? Sure, simply send us a message to start the ball rolling!

Important Notes

  • Currently, these settings will apply to ALL users in your nation regardless of their permissions (this includes Admins)

  • When released out of beta, this feature may require an upgraded plan

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