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Version 2.6 • Released August 2021
Version 2.6 • Released August 2021
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App Customization – create a more tailored experience

This new feature enables campaigns and organisations to customize the FieldEdge mobile app to suit their unique requirements and workflows.

For example, a nation may wish to:

  • hide donations history from profiles

  • set a default survey while canvassing

  • disable the ability for users to edit people's profiles

  • hide certain contact statuses (eg. Inaccessible) while making calls from the app

This feature is currently in beta and is free to all current customers to try. In the future, this feature will be a paid add-on. To discuss enabling this feature, please send us a message.

Quick Access to More Contact History

Some contact is only accessible via the NationBuilder website. To help you quickly access this information on the go, we've added two new shortcuts:

- New Action: Open Contact on NationBuilder website (to view full profile)

- While reviewing Logged Contact on the Activity Tab, you can now quickly open the Activity for that person on the NationBuilder website


We know you spend a lot of time in FieldEdge while campaigning so we're continually making tweaks to make the app faster and nice to use. Here's those tweaks in this version:

- List syncing is now more reliable

- Support Status slider replaced with easier to use buttons

- App layout on iPhone X/11/12

- Various UI improvements to make the app easier/nicer to use

- Reduced Proximity Walk radius to a more appropriate distance

- Optional settings such as default survey to Proximity Walks

- Added "Do Not Contact" flag to contacts while Canvassing so you don't accidentally canvass someone who doesn't want to be
- Added fallback for grouping households when normal data is provided by NationBuilder

- Improved display of longer survey questions

We're on a mission to build the best field tools for you, so please keep the feedback coming!

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