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Canvassing basics for campaign managers
Canvassing basics for campaign managers

Learn how to setup a new canvassing walk with NationBuilder and FieldEdge

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With FieldEdge 2.4, you now have two options to get started with canvassing:

Option 1: Using Proximity Walk – the quickest and easier way to get started.

To learn how to get started with a proximity walk, go here.

Option 2: Using Traditional Lists – best for medium sized campaign who want more control.

Here we look at how to setup a basic canvassing effort with NationBuilder and FieldEdge.

In the good ol’ days, setting up a canvass could days and leave you pulling your hair out. With NationBuilder & FieldEdge, you can setup a powerful canvass – in minutes. We’re going to use NationBuilder’s turf cutting tools to accurately map out and create a walk that can be instantly accessed by your canvassers with FieldEdge.

Skip to the Canvassing Documentation for more in-depth guides like:

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