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Can I excluding households canvassed outside of FieldEdge?
Can I excluding households canvassed outside of FieldEdge?

Already contacted people with pen and paper prior to using FieldEdge?

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If you have had the unfortunate situation of canvassing without FieldEdge ๐Ÿ˜ฑ and now want to exclude those people/households from your next walk?

There are two ways this can be achieved:

Method #1

One way to do this is to tag those people with a tag of your choosing, eg. "canvassed in June"). Then when you create your list in NationBuilder, use filters to exclude people who have that tag.

Method #2

The alternate method is to add a tag using FieldEdge's special format. This will indicate to FieldEdge that the house has already been canvassed.

Example tag:

fe:walk:20220309 Canvassed

โ€‹Note: 20220309 is the date that the person was canvassed in the format YYYYMMDD. This date is not particularly important, as long as it's within 90 days of when you want to canvass again. So for example, if you canvassed 300 people over the last month that you want to exclude from your canvassing activities this month, you could apply the same tag to everyone and use a date towards the end of the month: fe:walk:20221128 Canvassed.

Simply apply this tag to everyone for whom you want to be marked as already canvassed. These people can be included in your list but FieldEdge will show them as canvassed.

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