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Workflows for Completing / Skipping People & Households
Workflows for Completing / Skipping People & Households

Understand how the Complete and Skip functions work in the context of people and households

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When canvassing, you'll notice the option to Complete or Skip a person.

Completing a Person

Completing a person sends all of the info collected on that screen, back to your nation – apart from the survey, which has already been sent by that point (when the user tapped “Submit Answers”).

Skipping a Person

Skipping a person will tell the app that you have actively chosen not to canvass this person. This is most often used when there are multiple people in a household but you only want to canvass a single person in that household.

Canvassing a Household

Each person in a household needs to be Completed or Skipped in order for the house to be considered fully Canvassed. If the user chooses to do so, they can navigate back to the Map or List view without the house being fully Canvassed. This allows for change of mind, reviewing people in-house before canvassing, etc.

Three Different Workflows

The above options allow for three specific workflows that different campaigns use:

(i) Canvass/Complete only one person in the house and skip the rest

(ii) Canvass/Complete each person in the household individually

(iii) Canvass/Complete the household as a whole, where the same answers are applied to each person in the house (using the Canvass Household feature).

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