Downloading the app and signing-in

How to get the FieldEdge app on an iPhone or Android and login

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  • Users will require a Control Panel account on your nation

  • Users who are added to your Team are sent a welcome email and download link (not applicable on some custom plans)

  • For anyone else, they can search their app store for “FieldEdge” to download the app

  • To sign-in, enter the nation slug and then when prompted, the username and password they use to login to your nation with


Downloading the FieldEdge App

  • It is important to note that to use FieldEdge, your users will need to have an account on your nation with control panel access. The permission set for the user will need have the API permission set to Yes. Learn more here.

  • When you add a person to your FieldEdge Team, we’ll send the person an email letting them know that they’ve been added to the Team and include a download link for the app. If they didn’t get this email, or the person doesn’t have access to email on their phone, or you’re on a custom plan that doesn’t require you to add users to your Team, you can simply search the app store for “FieldEdge”.

  • Once they’ve found FieldEdge on their app store, they should install the app.

Logging in to FieldEdge

  • Now that FieldEdge is installed on their phone, they can open the app and enter your nation’s slug. Then tap ‘Connect’.

  • They should now see the login screen for your nation. They will login using the email address and password they use to login to NationBuilder with or by using Facebook or Twitter.

  • FieldEdge now has access to your nation. Note that FieldEdge will respect your nation’s permission sets (for example, if the user login in is set as an Admin. Learn more here.

  • Now they’re ready to use the app.

Having Issues?

  • If they receive an notice about not having a license, check that the email address the primary email address associated with their NationBuilder profile has been added to the Team page.

  • If they receive an error related to the app not having permission, ensure you have installed the FieldEdge Helper app.

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