Summarised Results

Using NationBuilder’s built-in tools, we can view a summary of our canvassing efforts for analysis right on our Dashboard. With FieldEdge version 2, each time you "complete" a person, the contact is logged to your nation and a special FieldEdge tag is added to the person.

For each interaction, you will now have a quantitative measure of the interaction by nominating the Contact Status flag – options include “No answer” “Inaccessible” “Meaningful interaction” “Send information” and more. Optionally you can collect qualitative feedback using the Note field.

To view our summary, navigate to Dashboard > Contact:

There are two ways you might want to view this data: 

  • a break down of day-to-day volume (Monthly view)

  • a break down per canvasser during a given period (Point Person contacts view).

Point Person contacts view

In this view you can filter by Contact Type, Contact Method and timeframe:

You will be given some key stats:

*Note that at this time, the support status logged through FieldEdge will not show up in these stats.

Next you’ll see a visual representation of your canvasser’s efforts:

And finally, a detailed breakdown:

Monthly view

You can also use the Monthly to see a day-by-day snapshot of your canvassing efforts. You can use the filter at the top to view only stats for a particular Contact Type:

Knowing who was “Completed”

In canvass mode, once someone has been marked as “Complete”, the app will add a special tag indicating the date and list in which the person was completed.

The tag will look something like fe:list:16:201602

So, to see who has been canvassed, simply use a filter like so:

Better yet, if you’re using the Log Contact feature, we get even more control which we explain in the next section.

Making use of the data

Once again, you can use a filter to collate the people in your nation that have been canvassed. Here’s a few useful filters:

Show people who were contacted but did not answer in a certain time period:

Show people who were contacted by a specific person on a specific date:

Show people who were last contacted via a door knock and requested information:

From there you may want to export them, add them to a list or batch update them.

As you can see, using NationBuilder’s built in reports, plus the use of filters, can deliver great analytical data and segmentation based on your team’s activity with FieldEdge.


If you have any questions about tracking and reporting canvass activity in FieldEdge, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're fully certified NationBuilder Experts!

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