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Assign people on your list a point person
Assign people on your list a point person

Required when using the "Assigned" permission set feature

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The “Assigned” permission set option in NationBuilder gives those people the ability to see and interact only with profiles assigned to them in the People section.

If you’re using the “Assigned” feature with FieldEdge, you’ll need to ensure that the user is set as the point person for each person on their list.

While the point person can assigned via the Edit tab of a person, we can can update an entire list at once by using the Batch Update feature:

  1. Edit the list (for example, the one you are assigning to a canvasser)

  2. Head to the Batch Update tab

  3. Find the Point person field and select the canvasser in the list

  4. Now, hit “Update All” button to apply the change to everyone on the list.

All of the people in that list are now assigned to the canvasser and will be visible in FieldEdge.

Note: While a list can be shared with a whole permission set (a group of people), each person on a list can only be assigned a single point person. This means that if using the “Assigned” feature, you will need to create a different list for each canvasser. That list can however contain the same people.

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