To login to the FieldEdge app, you will be asked to enter your slug. If you're not sure what a slug is and where to find it, continue reading...

A slug?!

Your 'nation slug' is the unique location of your nation on NationBuilder's website. eg. Even if you have a custom domain (eg., you will still have a nation slug.

Where can I find my nation's slug?

Your slug is your nation’s URL at the β€œmyorganization” portion of "". If you are using a custom domain (eg., the slug is visible on secure pages such as donate pages and when you are logged into the control panel.

The easiest way to track down your slug is to login to your nation's Dashboard and look for the URL in browser bar:

Still can't find your slug?

If you don't have a login for your nation, please contact the person who manages your nation or your field director.

You've found your nation slug now, right? If not, please contact us and we'll track it down for you.

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