• A NationBuilder permission set dictates what a group of Control Panel users can and can’t do within your Nation (including using an app)

  • To ensure your users can access the FieldEdge app, we need to ensure your permission sets are correctly setup

  • The two API permissions must be set to Yes to access FieldEdge

  • Setting the first permission set option to Assigned will hide anyone who is not assigned to them (they are the point person for)

In this article you will learn how to:

  • Access permission sets in your Nation

  • Change the Staffer permission Set to allow FieldEdge access (for NB’s Leader plan)

  • Setup a custom permission set to allow FieldEdge access (for NB’s Organization plan and above)

  • Restrict access for volunteers and other users


Access permission sets in your Nation

You can change your Nation’s permissions sets by logging in to your nation and going to Settings > Defaults > Permission Sets

Setting Permission Sets for FieldEdge Access

NationBuilder has two default Permission sets: Admin and Staffer. By default, a user with the Admin set will have access to FieldEdge however a user with the Staffer set will not.

The permission set configuration is different depending on what NationBuilder Plan your organisation is on:

  • Leader Plan: If you are on NB’s lowest plan, you can change the Staffer permission set to allow FieldEdge access.

  • Organization Plan and above: If you are on one of these NB plans, you can create a custom permission for FieldEdge users.

Changing the Staffer permission set

If you are on NationBuilder’s Leader plan (the lowest plan) and want to give Control Panel users access to FieldEdge but don’t want them to have the Admin Permission Set, you will need to tweak the Staffer Permission rather than create a custom permission set.

To do so, go to the Permission sets and edit Staffer. Simply tick API & Sign into apps (the last two options at the bottom) and save:

Setup a new custom permission set

If you are on the NationBuilder Organization plan or above, you can use an existing permission set or create a custom permission set to give your users access to FieldEdge.

To setup a custom permission set, navigate to Permission sets and click + new permission set. Give your permission set a name and click Create permission set.

You can now customise the permission set to you liking, being sure to toggle both API permissions to Yes to provide access to FieldEdge. This also applies to existing custom permission sets.

Restrict access for volunteers and other users

If you plan to have casual volunteers use FieldEdge, we recommend customising a Permission Set to turn off access to NationBuilder on the web and only show them people in your nation who are assigned to them (they are the point person). This can be done by customisin the Staffer permission set or using a custom permission set.

Head to the desired permission set the first People dropdown to “Assigned”. Now turn all toggles to No expect for the two API permissions at the bottom which should be set to Yes.

Important notes about using the "Assigned" feature:

  1. To make people visible in FieldEdge (and NationBuilder), you’ll need to ensure that the user is set as the point person for each person on their list.

  2. While a list can be shared with a whole permission set (a group of people), each person on a list can only be assigned a single point person. This means that if using the "Assigned" feature, you will need to create a different list for each user. That list can however contain the same people.

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